To see and hear them now, you might never believe that a few short years ago Radio Birds had a completely different lineup, look, and sound. In early 2013, rising united from their earlier musical experiences, these four young men decided to take a risk and start completely over with a new name and sound. Now, three years later, they've amassed some serious success and experience under their belt. These include: playing The Rock Boat three years in a row, being featured in the film Road To Paloma, and having their single music video spun on Palladia.

Signing to Atlanta's Brash music they released their first full length album "Contemporary American Slang" early 2015 right before signing to Red11 Music, who put them on over 150+ dates in the same year. 

Radio Birds' sound is simple: Plain-Old Rock and Roll Music with a distinctly hairy touch. Meaning, it is not clean, it is not easy, (or too difficult), and it is not The Next Logical Revival of a Previously Popular Genre From the Seventies. It is what you get when four guys all write music with the basic beliefs that it must be played live, and it must be played everywhere. Each of their songs is different from the others and is balanced by the web of harmonies that entangles the whole group. Everybody sings, and sometimes, you just can't help but sing along.

Radio Birds has taken their sound out to the world, and their dedicated touring and writing schedule proves one thing: Radio Birds wants you to hear them now more than ever. They are proud to announce they are currently working on their forthcoming 2017 album and with already 100+ shows under their belt in 2016, they've already brought many of those songs to their audiences' ears. 


Radio Birds is:

  • Justin Keller (JK)
  • Colin Dean
  • Chase Lamondo
  • Mike Ford